NCT PRO is the training concept of NCT. Teams train on EOD, CBRNe and SOF scenarios based on the latest knowledge of threats using state-of-the art equipment from the industry. NCT PRO allows industry to work directly with operators on using their equipment and gain valuable insight in how operators use the equipment. NCT PRO is more than selling: you can show the added value of your equipment and the capabilities you bring to the battlefield.

Organized at a training facility or military base, NCT PRO allows for the best scenario-driven trainings, built on the experiences of trainers who operated in Syria, Libya and other CBRNe hotspots around the world.

Over the duration of two to five days, teams of professionals will be trained based on their expertise & requirements using equipment provided by leading CBRNe, C-IED, EOD and demining companies from all over the world. As an NCT PRO Sponsor, you will have an opportunity to put your product in the hands of current and future customers. 

Why would you
choose NCT PRO?

NCT PRO eXperience is the training component of NCT events. During three days, civil and military first responders will be trained to respond to CBRNe, C-IED, EOD, demining scenarios with the aim of promoting interoperability, multinational and multi-agency cooperation. That is why each training scenario will have two different types of teams training together. Each training session will have a scenario that is tailored to the training needs of the participating teams and sponsors. 

NCT PRO Teams have an opportunity to test & experiment new equipment or equipment that is currently not part of their inventory. The trainings are therefore used as a platform for teams to use various technologies with confidence, by putting them to the test in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the trainings allow you to train jointly with teams from different countries/states/counties under the supervision of professional trainers. This will allow teams to understand the SOPs of other agencies (civil & military responders must train in tandem). A team will also have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the equipment manufacturer to better meet their mission requirements – input that is essential during the development phase of any piece of equipment. Lastly, teams will be able to exchange lessons learned and best practices with other participating teams.

NCT PRO Sponsors have an opportunity to put their product in the hands of current and future customers. The trainings are therefore used as a platform for you to showcase your technologies with confidence, by putting the end-users in an environment requiring your equipment. Furthermore, the trainings allow you to introduce new technologies that are not yet the final package. By participating in the trainings, we allow you to gain direct feedback from the end-users for R&D purposes while they get to know new equipment. The past editions have resulted in direct sales for the sponsoring companies from the training teams.

“NCT PRO Trainings event has the highest value of experience for teams and units at tactical level in international cooperation and testing of new equipment.“

OR7 Belsan, Czech 31st CBRN Defense Regiment

“BEST EXPERIENCE AT NCT USA 2019 was being able to interact with end-users at the trainings.”

Draeger Sean Carey, Government Regional Sales Manager, Draeger Safety Inc

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