Supported by Royal Thai Army 3rd Regiment SOU King’s Guard

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Bangkok, Thailand

27 June - 1 July 2022

NCT PRO Outline

NCT PRO Challenge Asia is the result of three years of development of a training concept for Southeast Asia. The original multi-country event changed due to COVID restrictions to a single one-week training event which was adapted to a full two-week training event with RTA SOU and international participants.

The event is split in two separate training weeks: one week is a dedicated SOF training (no sponsors) at the SOU Training Center in Lop Buri followed by a week training of SOF units with enabling teams from Royal Thai Army and international partners.

The second week is organized around scenarios with multiple missions in each scenario. This would work like the following example: a VIP protection mission turns into a CBRN incident when the principal is attacked with an unknown substance and the operators need to safeguard their principal, use basic CBRN decontamination and other counter measures and exfiltrate the area. The follow up mission is the CBRN unit responsible for sampling and the forensic investigation.

NCT PRO Challenge is a public-private cooperation initiative and industry is invited to provide new technology to try, test and evaluate during the trainings. However, the training missions and training the teams is the primary objective of NCT PRO Challenge.

Mission set

Intelligence has led to a suspected clandestine lab hidden in the basement of a local Bangkok hotel.

  • Mission 1: Recon/intel gathering (session combined with mission 2)
  • Mission 2: Laboratory raid (session combined with mission 1)
  • Mission 3: Sampling and Forensic investigation at the lab (1 session)

Area of operations

NCT PRO eXperience will take place in Bangkok, Thailand at the Meridien Bangkok hotel.

Why join as a training team

As a training team, you will be able to train with some of the best CBRNe units in Asia and the NCT trainers. In this joint training, teams will be integrated with each other to allow for international cooperation practice, share of experience, and transfer of capabilities, and form connections between units.

Why join as a sponsor

As a sponsor, you will be able to put your product at the hands of special forces operators and showcase its capabilities. By taking part in the training, you will have the opportunity to network and learn the needs of operators in the field of CBRNe and EOD, learn practical and operational requirements from operators, and most importantly, get direct feedback on your equipment from the EOD and CBRNe operators.

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Monday 27 June

Setup and team briefing

Monday 27 June

NCT PRO Challenge Trainings

Tuesday 28 June
Wednesday 29 June
Thursday 30 June

NCT PRO Challenge Trainings

Friday 1 July

NCT PRO Challenge Certificate Ceremony