Edgewood MD, USA

5-7 September 2023

NCT PRO Outline

In this second edition of NCT PRO eXperience, teams will engage in CBRNe, EOD, and C-IED scenarios. This tactical event, taking place in Edgewood, MD, will run parallel to NCT USA 2023. During 3 days of training, teams will train on four different scenario sets.

Mission set

A SWAT / SOF team has just raided the drug lab. During their raid, they found evidence of HAZMAT in the laboratory. When the SWAT/SOF team detected the CBRN threat, they withdrew and executed decontamination procedures. During their raid, they eliminated a number of tangos and brought one tango out as a prisoner. That tango has refused to provide any intelligence. At this moment, the lab is secure, and no tangos are present. However, during the raid, some damage may have been inflicted on the laboratory and the setup might be unstable.

As part of a special forces raid on a location suspected to be used as a cover up for hazardous activities of an extremist organization. The organization, suspected to employ personnel with skills and knowledge in chemistry, have previously stated their aims of executing an attack in a yet unidentified target in Germany, in the area of Munich.

Area of operations

NCT PRO eXperience will take place in the USA in the area of Edgewood, MD.

Why join as a training team

As a training team, you will be able to train with some of the best CBRNe units in the USA and the NCT trainers. In this joint training, teams will be integrated with each other to allow for international cooperation practice, share of experience, and transfer of capabilities, and form connections between units.

Why join as a sponsor

As a sponsor, you will be able to put your product at the hands of special forces operators and showcase its capabilities. By taking part in the training, you will have the opportunity to network and learn the needs of operators in the field of CBRNe and EOD, learn practical and operational requirements from operators, and most importantly, get direct feedback on your equipment from the EOD and CBRNe operators.

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Tuesday 6 September

Setup and team briefing

Tuesday 6 September

NCT PRO eXperience

Wednesday 7 September
Thursday 8 September

NCT PRO eXperience

Thursday 8 September

NCT PRO X Certificate Ceremony